Handcrafted Vintage-Style Macramé
Wilma Nesti

Knotty Nanna's Macramé Plant Hangers

 Every hanger is designed and handmade by me in the vintage 70's style of macramé. Hundreds of knots from the hanging loop at the top to the tail wrap at the bottom make these hangers extra strong and durable, just like grandma used to make!

 I have several unique hanger designs that make up my regular product line. All are available in a variety of colors. l also do custom hangers designed for a specific space, pot, display, decor, etc.

 Occasionally, I will design a hanger for a specific pot, usually something unique I find at a craft fair, garage sale, flea market, etc. When that is the case, the hanger and pot are sold as one unit.

 I use 6mm and 4mm braided polypropylene cord manufactured in the U.S.A. It is specifically suited for outdoor applications. This cord is very strong, weather and fade resistant, and will not rot or mildew even if constantly left outdoors. And it's hand-washable.

 My hangers are made to fit common pot sizes found in the garden department of most stores. The bigger the diameter of the pot, the shorter the hanger. Example: A 6mm single hanger with a 6" tall 15" diameter pot will be approximately 37" to 38" in length from top of the ring to bottom of the tail. The same hanger with a 6" tall 12" diameter pot will be approximately 39" to 40" in length.

 Recommended pot sizes:

  • 6mm single hanger = pots 6" to 16" in diameter
  • 4mm single hanger = pots 4" to 8" in diameter
  • 6mm double hangers top section = pots 6" to 10" in diameter; bottom section = pots 8" to 14" in diameter
  • 4mm double hangers top section = pots 4" to 8" in diameter, bottom section = pots 8" to 12" in diameter
  • 6mm roundtop hangers = pots 12" to 20" in diameter
  • 4mm tailless hangers = pots 6" to 12" in diameter